Data Analytics using Graph Database Technology

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Join us as Mike Morley from Menome Technologies is our guide in this Tour de Graph exploring the powerful graph approach to data analytics. We will also be making an exciting announcement about our next Datathon in November.

The Menome team will provide an overview of the graph approach and will then go into the application of graph databases to solving challenges associated with integrating data sets from structured data sources. Finally, an example will be provided of how a combination of machine learning methods and graph databases provide a powerful way of harvesting unstructured data from files.

Mike Morley has relentlessly pursued creating innovative software designed to harness enterprise data both as an entrepreneur and intrapreneur. In his career Mike has explored diverse industries and domains including mining, advertising, oil and gas, environmental, banking, legal, geotechnical and architectural. In 2016 Mike started Menome Technologies ( ) to pursue the vision of creating a universal data harvesting, machine learning and knowledge delivery platform.