Youville Centre is an innovative organization that motivates, educates and nurtures young mothers and their children to become self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

D4GO undertook an in-depth analysis of donation revenue on order to identify trends over time in the relative proportions of corporate vs. private contributions. A list of the most loyal donors by total amount and longevity was produced, along with a colour-coded map of Ottawa municipal ward boundaries identifying populations that were most likely to contribute. A full history of fund-raising events was generated.

This effort provided insight into a trove of raw data on contributions and campaigns collected in an going back to 1999. Prior to the D4GO engagement, this information resided within a few operational systems, where it remained inaccessible to analysis. The final report, which exceeded fifty pages was delivered in the fall of 2016.

It was our privilege to contribute in some small way to Youville’s continued success in transforming the lives of young mothers.